Leslie Feinberg


Leslie Feinberg’s novel of growing up lesbian in the mid-20th century, Stone Butch Blues, is not an autobiography, but its summary reads like one. Feinberg hirself has long been an activist force in the queer community, from the gay bars of Buffalo, N.Y., to the position of opening speaker at the 25th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, a rally that drew a million attendees. She has lectured at dozens of colleges and universities and penned several other works, including the history book Transgender Warriors. An hourlong video of hir speaking engagement at Sonoma State University can be viewed here.

In addition to Feinberg’s powerful presence in the queer community, ze is also involve in trade unionism and medical reform activism, spurred by her working-class background and chronic illness, and influenced by hir time in Cuba. Hir tumblr can be found here; it is, as ze explains in the header, the only writing she still has the energy for.


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