Sassafras Lowrey


Lowrey’s critically acclaimed debut anthology, Kicked Out, was built on the foundations of Portland zine experience and hir own time on the streets. The exile came quickly: after the fellow dog trainer who had taken hir in cracked open hir diary and, in hir words, “realized I was a dyke,” all it took was a short phone call to the school to notify them that she would not be picking Lowrey up that day to leave hir without shelter or the dogs that made up hir pack of friends. Ze credits a local youth shelter and the families of choice ze found there with hir survival.

Now Lowrey maintains several blogs (one linked above), has another anthology (and a novel) in print, is credited in numerous anthologies, and offers lectures on homelessness and hir work. Ze also had a hand in founding Oregon’s Queer Youth Summit, at which ze gave the keynote address in 2013. Hir photography and mixed media art have appeared in galleries across the United States and United Kingdom.


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