P. L. Travers


Pamela Lyndon Travers was a 20th century actor, poet, and author of books that she insisted weren’t only for children. Although the recent Disney take on her story contains numerous inaccuracies, it is true that she was responsible for creating the iconic character of Mary Poppins. After the film version of her first Poppins book was completed she swore off sequels, citing the overdone cheeriness and animated sequences; she even went so far as to ban the movie’s composers from writing additional music for the stage adaptation.

In her private life Travers was not a solitary person. She traveled widely and adopted one half on a pair of twins (she left the other behind because of an astrological reading). Her sexual orientation is a matter of some debate, with Wikipedia describing her relationships with women as “ambiguous“. A plausible interpretation of her life is that she had both male and female lovers, including a woman she lived with for a decade, and was a member of a mostly-lesbian mystic writing circle; therefore, she is listed here as bisexual, although she never referred to herself as such.


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