Ricky Martin


At the time Ricky Martin performed his hit single “La Copa del la Vida” on the Grammy Awards stage and ignited the Latin pop craze in the US he had already been in the music business for a decade and a half, with sixteen albums to his name, four of them solo; appeared in several TV shows and films, including a major role in General Hospital and the Spanish translation of Disney’s Hercules; and acted on Broadway as Marius in a production of Les Misérables. “Livin’ la Vida Loca” – a song famous enough to boast a full-length Wikipedia article – soon followed, along with new albums, new screen time, and a new philanthropic organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with a focus on tackling human trafficking.

Although he has only been widely out as gay since 2010, speculation on his sexuality had been rampant ever since he began gaining popularity in the US. In an early interview with Barbara Walters she pressured him to come up, which she now says she regrets because his silence was taken as an admission; fortunately for Martin, his career does not appear to have suffered, and he is still actively touring.

Martin’s well-decorated Twitter is available for viewing here.


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