Virginia Woolf


Virginia Woolf’s prolific writings take up a third of her Wikipedia page with their titles alone. Her many and varied genres include: fictional biography (Orlando and Flush, the latter of which is about a dog); short story collections; non-fiction books popular in gender studies circles (A Room of One’s Own and Three Guineas); and, of course, her novels. Her works experimented with novel techniques that came to define modernism, such as stream-of-consciousness narration and an interest in the psychological drives of her characters. She was a part of a literary crew called the Bloomsbury group with whom she played pranks and had affairs: one member would become her husband; another, Vita Sackville-West, her romantic partner and inspiration for the gender-swapping Orlando character.

Nowadays Woolf still has her share of admirers, including a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel (later adapted in a similarly decorated film) and an entire blog dedicated to celebrating her life and times that has been updating for several years.



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