Chet Lam


Chinese singer-songwriter-producer Chet Lam’s strategy for evading press scrutiny over his homosexuality was simple: be open from day one, because “when you lay yourself out in front of them, with no hidden agenda or anything, they will just stop asking.” As he has been composing and performing his music – some of which explicitly mentions same-sex relationships – to great success since 2003 without hassle over his sexual orientation, his maneuver appears to have worked. Although Lam has written pop hits for several bands, including his sister’s, his own style is more on the “city-folk” side, suitable as an opener for acts like k.d. lang. As a further testament to his entertainment versatility, he has also appeared in a handful of films.

Lam’s website (primarily in Chinese) can be found here; his Twitter, which has more content in English, is available here.


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