Kele Okereke


Although he’s achieved international fame as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the indie rock band Bloc Party, Okereke was originally an English Literature student; his parents only became aware of his musical activities after the release of the group’s first album, Silent Alarm. Three more full albums followed, including A Weekend in the City, which contains Okereke’s semi-autobiographical song “I Still Remember” about a same-sex crush he had as a schoolboy. Okereke has also pursued a solo career and appeared on an album with Dutch superstar DJ Tiësto. At the time of this writing he is working as a house music DJ.

Okereke maintains a personal blog here, which includes links to social media sites and videos from other artists. He has expressed a dislike for the voyeurism of the news media, citing his opinion that they foster and exaggerate antagonism between bands, though he has expressed a desire to act as a high-profile gay role model.


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