Janeane Garofalo


Janeane Garofalo, a professional comedian for over three decades at the time of this writing, boasts a resume filled with bit parts in well-known films (e.g. “Liz” in Dogma), near-hires for famous parts in well-known films (e.g. “Marla” in Fight Club, which she declined), and the rare serendipitous occasions when she’s scored both a major part and a famous film (e.g. “Colette” in Ratatouille). The self-deprecating stand-up comic’s anti-George Bush politics also earned her a place in Team America: World Police in puppet form (though without her approval) and a co-host gig with the progressive station Air America Radio.

Garofalo has the unusual distinction of once being married for twenty years without knowing it. She is a self-described “asexual atheist” in a long-term celibate relationship with a boyfriend. Her website, which includes clips from her comedy acts, can be found here.

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