Marlene Dietrich


Although she was dubbed the ninth greatest female screen legend of the 20th century by the American Film Institute, bisexual actress Marlene Dietrich’s movies were only one part of her entertainment career: she also toured as a stage performer and musician for decades, both before and after her time in film. The most famous clip of her early years comes from the film Morocco, where she appears onstage in full white tie attire and kisses another woman. When her home country of Germany was in the process of transitioning from the Weimar Republic years into Naziism she refused to contract with them, and later toured with US troops giving performances to keep their morale up and sell war bonds.

Dietrich posthumously holds the curious honor of being the namesake to a luxury Montblanc fountain pen. Biography Channel has a short clip about her life on their website that includes a photograph of Dietrich posing with the Beatles.


One thought on “Marlene Dietrich

  1. Darrah Chavey

    The clip that you linked to, on a famous Marlene Dietrich scene, was also the first ever female-female kiss in a movie.


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