Jenny Allard


Harvard University’s head softball coach (at the time of this writing), Jenny Allard, was among the first college coaches to come out, a momentous unveiling prompted by a mundane event: her partner moving in with her. The scarcity of openly queer Division I coaches has made her a spokesperson on queer college athletics, commenting on basketball player Jason Collins’s coming out.

Allard’s athletic record is equally impressive. She was an All-American and Big Ten Player of the Year while enrolled at the University of Michigan for her undergraduate degree, and ranked in the top four all-time in 15 hitting at pitching categories. Since accepting her position at Harvard she has led the team to numerous honors; all four of its Ivy League titles have been won under her tenure, and the team’s 1998 season was the best in its history.

Allard appeared on SheWired’s list of the Ten Hottest Butches of 2011. A short interview with her during the 2011 season is available here.

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