Tony Kushner


Tony Kushner (short for Anthony Robert Kushner) is an American playwright and screenwriter known for the Pulitzer Prize-winning Angels in America, a seven-hour epic thematic melting pot of AIDS, religion, gay rights, and political and philosophical groundings of the United States that has been adapted into both a miniseries and an opera. His full curriculum vitae at the time of this writing includes dozens of plays, books, essays, and movie scripts, stretching back through the 1980s. A full list (or even a summary) of his numerous awards, nominations, and critical praise would be impossible to include here; it is easier to simply check Wikipedia’s list. He is involved in queer politics, Middle Eastern politics (for which he has clashed with members of his Jewish family), and socialism.

Kushner’s commitment ceremony with Mark Harris, an editor with Entertainment magazine, was the first to be featured in the New York Time‘s “Vows” column; the two were later married in Massachusetts. To kick off a 2009 festival celebrating his plays, Minneapolis declared a city-wide “Tony Kushner Day”.


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