Susan Stryker


Susan O’Neal Stryker, a lesbian Gender and Women’s Studies professor at the University of Arizona, is an expert in California’s queer history. She completed her Ph.D. in United States History at the University of California, Berkeley, then moved into a postdoctoral fellowship in human sexuality and the position of executive director at the GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco. Her essay “My Words to Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix“, an intimate account of her experiences living in a trans body, was the first peer-reviewed journal article published by an openly trans person. She has since completed several landmark texts in the transgender studies canon, including Transgender History and The Transgender Studies Reader.

Outside of her books, Stryker has contributed to several queer history films and published a number of essays and scholarly papers, including a response to John Aravosis’ call to remove transgender protections from the Employee Non-Discrimination Act.


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