Aaron Devor


Aaron Devor, the author of the groundbreaking book of interviews FTM: Female-to-Male Transsexuals in Society, is a Canadian sexologist and sociologist. Although his biographical page is not up to date (he has since transitioned to male), the general narrative arc is there: Devor started as an gender activist before becoming an academic, with his Master’s thesis on what he called “gender blending” serving as the bridge. The thesis, which featured interviews with masculine women, was later developed into a full book, and Devor adopted a similarly ethnographic style for his mammoth FTM.

Outside of his theoretical gender work, Devor runs a website about the Erickson Educational Foundation, and has conducted his own biographical research on the life of its namesake, Reed Erickson, an American trans man who helped fund mid-20th century gender clinics. He was also a member of the World Professional Organization of Transgender Health committee that wrote the sixth edition of its standards of care.


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