Frank Mugisha


Ugandan activist Dr. Frank Mugisha’s first achievement was coming out to his family as a teenager. Although the Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014 would not be passed for nearly two decades, Uganda still retained archaic statutes from British colonial rule that criminalized sex between men. While attending university he started the student group Icebreakers Uganda to support queer Ugandans in the process of coming out. Since then, he has taken over leadership of Sexual Minorities Uganda, an organization working to reverse the stigma against homosexuality, and been honored with international recognition for his openness in a country that briefly had a law on the books making homosexual conduct punishable by life imprisonment or death. Among Mugisha’s current projects is a lawsuit against Scott Lively, an evangelical minister who is alleged to have violated international human rights laws through his orchestration of the Anti-Homosexuality Act. Mugisha was named one of 2014’s “40 Under 40” by the Advocate.

His Twitter feed is available here; his Facebook page is available here.

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