Joseph Genaro


Joseph Genaro, the gay guitarist, co-front singer, and co-lyricist for the punk rock group the Dead Milkmen, has been creating his own brand of eccentric music since the 1980s. As part of the elaborate mythology band members constructed around the Milkmen Genaro has employed a number of pseudonyms including Joe Jack Talcum, the namesake of his personal music website. Following several years with the Milkmen Genaro struck out on a solo career and performed with other groups like The Low Budgets; since then, the Milkmen have reunited minus one member, and Genaro has returned to recording with them while still pursuing other projects.

Although he does not perform it live anymore following the death of the original lyricist, the Milkmen’s repertoire includes the song “Stuart“, which has an unusual queer-related conspiracy theory at the center of it.

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