The British painter who insisted on going only by Gluck (“no prefix, suffix or quotes”) lived a life of relative stability and artistic freedom during the early 20th century. Thanks to familial support, Gluck was able to pursue Gluck’s craft full time and choose subject matter without sanction (with some exceptions like a painting of Gluck and Gluck’s lover being removed from a gallery); later, Gluck designed a custom frame for Gluck’s paintings that was meant to help integrate them into the wall space. Although assigned female at birth Gluck dressed only in men’s clothing and once resigned from an artistic society after being credited as “Miss”.

Some debate exists as to Gluck’s identity and preferred pronouns. Online commentary frequently refers to Gluck as a lesbian, though some instead insist that Gluck would be better described as a trans man. In the absence of a definitive statement, this blog takes its cue from Wikipedia and follows Gluck’s request to be referred to only as Gluck literally and employs no pronouns at all, though both ‘lesbian’ and ‘transgender’ are tagged.


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