Billie Joe Armstrong


Punk rock musician and actor Billie Joe Armstrong dropped out of high school to pursue full-time work with his band Green Day (then known as Sweet Children and changed to reflect the group’s love of marijuana). Their third studio album, Dookie, became a hit, launching Armstrong’s decades-long career as a popular face of punk. American Idiot, a rock opera about a character named Jesus of Suburbia, formed the foundation for a Broadway musical based on Green Day’s repertoire, which Armstrong went on to star in for a brief run. In addition to performing with Green Day and other miscellaneous musical engagements (including a notable appearance with the Replacements in 2014), Armstrong has a secondary career as actor, making guest appearances as both himself and original characters. Armstrong has been publicly out as bisexual since an interview with The Advocate in which he describes working with Pansy Division, a gay punk band.

Armstrong’s Twitter feed is available here; his Instagram can be found here.

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